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MASAL Workshops

MASAL workshops are tailored for both finance and non-finance individuals. The workshops help you gain knowledge in the relevant aspects of the financial software and tools you need when running a successful business.


We have also partnered up with EMPROWESS to offer training workshops to Non-Financial Professionals.

MASAL Consultants

SME Taxes 101

In this workshop, we simplify the tax laws relevant to your nature of business, along with the applicable guidelines you will need to remain compliant.

MASAL Consultants

Budgeting, Forecasts & Projections

This workshop is for entrepreneurs looking to create a yearly, quarterly or monthly plan to ensure sustainable growth and to identify any potential cost inefficiencies in their business.

MASAL Consultants


The MASAL Bookkeeping workshop will improve your understanding of the basic accounting principles you need to run your business. It also provides practical lessons and the tools needed to record business transactions and how these transactions affect your balance sheet, income statement, and more.

MASAL Consultants

Wave Apps

MASAL is a certified member of the WaveApps Pro Network. The Waveapps workshop is a hands-on guide to proper utilization of the full functions of the WaveApps platform.

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