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Our Services

At MASAL, we create tailor-made tools and services that help drive financial growth and sustainability specifically for small businesses and startups. Our mission is to provide professional and affordable financial assistance to small businesses and individuals. Our prices are strategically tailored to the performance of your business. We ensure our prices are always conducive to your business. 

Financial Planning & Management

We help new and existing entrepreneurs & SMEs shape the financial system that works best for their businesses.

We provide guidance on sustainable saving and investment opportunities available to you.
Our team has developed a Budget & Savings to improve an individual's personal finance. It guides you on how much to spend and save monthly, based on your income.
We guide new and existing entrepreneurs & SMEs in cost determination and in setting and revaluation of their prices.
We produce audited annual financial statements.
We facilitate the acquisition of business loans for SMEs. 
We guide entrepreneurs in setting sustainable salaries for themselves and their staff.
Tax Consulting

Our Tax Compliance team ensures your business is up to date with all its tax obligations. We also assist with a wide variety of tax services.


A fully functional finance department that runs remotely and is tailored to suit the nature and needs of your business.

First, we schedule a meeting to gather all the relevant financial information. During this meeting, we match you with remote monitoring tools that best fit your business structure.

We then send you a project scope that will clearly outline the objectives and strategy. We will also send your accountant's details, role description and all other relevant information.

Once you are satisfied with our scope of work begins.

We handle payroll mechanisms within your organisation.
MASAL Accountants track your financial transactions and produce monthly reports.
We perform internal audits to identify emerging risks and cost constraints within your organisation
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